PGAS 2005

The Schedule of PGAS 2005 Conference


Paul Muzio 

Keynote Speaker: High Productivity Language Systems - The Path Forward

Robert Graybill, Rusty Lusk

Co-Arrays to be Included in the Next Fortran Standard

John Reid

Experiences Building a Multi-Platform Compiler for Co-Array Fortran

John Mellor-Crummey

UPC: The Opportunities, The Challenges and the Road Ahead

Tarek El-Ghazawi

UPC Optimization for Cluster Platforms

Brian Wibecan

Lessons From the UPC Experience

Lauren L. Smith

Experience with Titanium and PGAS Optimizations

Kathy Yelick

Parallelizing a Serial Legacy Code Using MPI and CAF

Gordon Johnson, Steve Beissel, Geoff Dawson

Developing a Petascale CFD Application Using UPC

Andrew Johnson

Atomic Memory Operations in UPC

Phil Merkey

High Productivity Parallel Programming with Objective-C

Benjamin Mayer, A. Karl Keller

Design and Analysis of Dynamic Multithreaded Algorithms

Bradley Kuszmaul

Interactive On-Demand Parallel Computing with Matlab & gridMatlab

Jeremy Kepner

Keynote Speaker: Making High Performance Computers Highly Productive

William Carlson

An Introduction to Chapel: Cray Cascade's High Productivity Language

Brad Chamberlain

X10: An Object-Oriented Approach to PGAS Programming

Vivek Sarkar

Parallelism in Fortress

Jan-Willem Maessen

Star-P: Delivering Parallel Libraries & Languages to a Broader Audience

Steve Reinhardt

Towards High-Productivity Language Systems

Hans P. Zima

Closing Panel: From the Desktop to Petaflops - How Do We Enable the Development of Petascale Applications?

David Koester, Gordon Johnson, William Carlson, Robert Lucas, Vince Scarafino, lan Walcraft

Closing Remarks

Paul Muzio