The Partitioned Global Address Space Programming Model - Birds of a Feather at SC14

The partitioned global address space (PGAS) programming model strikes a balance between the ease of programming due to its global address memory model and performance due to locality awareness. While developed for scalable systems, PGAS is gaining popularity due to the NUMA memory architectures on many-core chips. Some PGAS languages include Co-Array Fortran, Chapel, UPC, X10, Phalanx, OpenShmem, Titanium and Habanero. PGAS concepts are influencing new architectural designs and are being incorporated into traditional HPC environments.

This BOF will bring together developers, researchers and users for the exchange of ideas and information and to address common issues of concern.

Venue:  SC 2014 in New Orleans
Subject: PGAS BOF
When: Wednesday Nov. 19th @ 12:15pm
Where:  Room  273
What: PGAS Quick Update Slides